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How to Plant Bare-Root Trees
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Post-Planting Care for Street Trees
A newly planted tree will require some attention from time to time throughout its life.  The most important period of survival is the first few years following the planting.  
  • Give your tree a strong start by watering it once a week during the first two years, each year until the ground freezes, then once a month over the next two summers.  It should be watered deeply (12” to 18”) so that the water can soak down to the depth at which it may be used by the tree.  A good watering is 15 gallons applied slowly, with a soaker hose or a hose on a slow trickle, for approximately 30 minutes within the mulched area around the tree.
  • Try to keep grass and weeds away from the base of the tree, as they tend to use water and nutrients that should go to your tree.  A three-inch thick mulch of wood chips around the tree helps retain moisture and discourages weed growth.  When mulching, be sure to keep the trunk dry by creating a mulch-free doughnut around the base of the tree.
  • Avoid spraying any broad-leaf weed killers, such as weed and feed, turf builder, etc., near the base of your tree.  Also, weed whips and mowers can cause death due to repeated trunk injury.

Tree Owner's Manual for the Midwest
US Department of Agriculture Forest Service
From selecting trees to planting and caring for them, this is a great guide for any property owner. Download here