Our Programs

      Community Tree Plantings:
ReLeaf Michigan participates in tree plantings with neighborhood organizations on a 50-50 cost share basis to promote ownership of not only the planting but also the ongoing care.  Funding enables us to work directly with the residents and the municipality on the design and execution of the planting as well as to purchase the plant material. The planting is done with volunteers not contractors.  The plantings provide residents within a community an educational hands-on opportunity to learn about proper plant selection, placement i.e. the 'why' behind the 'Right Tree - Right Place' mantra, and ongoing maintenance.  All while making a direct tangible difference to their quality of life.  Sponsors are provided the opportunity to participate in the plantings, gaining "face to face" contact with local residents and public officials gaining community visibility.

Forestry Network Meetings:
Many communities throughout MI are challenged from a financial and labor resource perspective and lack the technical background to develop comprehensive plans to effectively manage their community trees.  While the interest is there, the majority of training for tree care professionals is held  in Lansing or southeast MI making it a challenge for those charged with municipal tree care to attend. The Saginaw Bay and Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Forestry Network were established by facilitating the provision of technical training, educational outreach, and networking opportunities.  The Networks provide an opportunity to learn about tree related topics of interest and to discuss opportunities to share resources. Topics have included selection of street trees, emerald ash borer, pruning of community trees, urban tree canopy, and street tree inventories.

Homeowners Tree Education Workshops:
ReLeaf Michigan offers educational workshops throughout MI. Whether it be the correct pruning technique or selecting the right tree for the right location. These hands on workshops are geared towards the communities’ preferences. Workshops have been held on Proper Tree Pruning, Tree Identification and Ask an Arborist session and have been well received.

Michigan Big Tree Hunt:
For over a decade, ReLeaf Michigan has sponsored the Michigan Big Tree Hunt.  ReLeaf Michigan hosts the Michigan Big Tree Hunt as a way to get people of all ages out looking at trees and helping find those that are champions. Certificates and prizes are awarded.  Winners are sent on to the State Coordinator of the Champion Tree list and ultimately referral to the National Champion Tree list.  It is a fun, grass roots contest that draws statewide participation.  The next contest is currently ongoing until 2012. Thousands of application forms are sent statewide during the contest.

Tree Ordinance Workshops:
To have the greatest impact from an environmental, aesthetic, and economic perspective it is critical that communities know upfront what they have from a “green” infrastructure perspective.  For the past five years we have been working with community officials to develop tree management strategies that include a tree inventory, tree ordinance, and infrastructure assessment as well as a plan for plant selection, planting, and maintenance.