Arbor Day 2016

ReLeaf Michigan is partnering with two PTA groups to help their schools raise funds while supporting trees for years to come. Deadline extended! Orders now must be made by May 16.

If you want to support Pembroke or Kennedy schools while doing something good for the environment, join our Arbor Day celebration! ReLeaf Michigan is selling high quality native trees and shrubs.  Proceeds support your school and trees!
No Room for Trees? No Problem! 
If you do not have room for trees, you can still celebrate Arbor Day and help your school at the the same time through this program. Place an order for trees and/or shrubs and we’ll make sure they are planted on either school district grounds or public property within the city.

Pick up your order on Friday, May 20  
3:30 at Kennedy (for orders that support Kennedy)
4:00 for Pembroke (for orders that support Pembroke)

TREES: $32 each

Bitternut Hickory

Height 70-80 ft., Foliage, Dark Green, deeply lobed, Fall Foliage Green, golden yellow, Exposure Full to partial sun
Bur Oak

Height 70-80', Shape Rounded, open, Foliage Leathery, dark green above, grayish beneath Fall Foliage Yellow Brown to Purple Exposure Full sun
Swamp White Oak

Height 50-60', Foliage Dark green on top with silvery underside, Fall Foliage orange gold, Exposure Full sun

Height 30-60', Foliage Green, Fall Foliage Yellow orange, Exposure Part Shade

TREES: $20 each

White Flowering Dogwood

Showy flowers in April-May  
Height 15-30 ft., Foliage Dark green, Fall Foliage Red, Exposure Full sun to part shade

Height 20-30 ft., Foliage Papery green leaves, Fall Foliage Yellow Exposure Full to part sun

Shrubs: $15 each


Height 15-25 ft, Foliage Green, Fall Foliage Red yellow, Exposure Full to partial shade
Arrowwood Viburnum

Height 6-10 ft, Foliage Glossy, dark green, Exposure Full to part shade

Height 5-12 ft, Foliage Bright green, Exposure Full to part shade
Black Elderberry

Small, fragrant white flowers appear in spring and are followed by clusters of dark purple to black, berry-like fruit.

Height 5-12 ft, Foliage Bright green, Exposure Sun to part shade

Trees & Shrubs are excellent for:
·       Beautifying your property
·       Gifts & memorials
·       Windbreaks
·       Natural screens/shade
·       Wildlife
·       Replacement & new plantings

Easy and Affordable 

To offer affordable easy-to-plant native trees and shrubs, and because some of the plants can only be transplanted when small, your order will arrive in plastic containers with trees averaging 3 - 5 feet tall, and shrubs 2 - 4 feet tall. These smaller trees will adapt well and begin to grow much faster with less care than planting larger, more expensive trees - plus you get to buy trees not easily found at most nurseries.

Arbor Day is a celebration of trees and their importance in our lives. It is also a time to think about what we can do to enhance our local community with trees and education for our youngsters. The very first Arbor Day celebration took place in Nebraska 143 years ago when Julius Sterling Morton proposed a special day for planting trees. He realized that for our own well-being, and for that of future generations, we must plant trees to replace the ones we have lost. 

ReLeaf Michigan helps to reverse Michigan's loss of tens of thousands of trees due to the emerald ash borer, storms, and old age. Purchasing and planting our trees and shrubs offer environmental benefits that also provide ReLeaf Michigan with much-needed revenue to support our ongoing tree planting and educational programs.  

Thanks for your support!